The Problem at Large

In spite of everything Christian content creators are doing today, we are steadily losing the attention of our youngest generations. We need to work together in new ways to overcome new obstacles.

The Solution for our Future

40Authors networks Christian content creators to make them more efficient and more effective than ever before!


Interested content creators apply to join the network


Everyone is screened for legitimacy and intent


Members post skills, interests and projects via an easy-to-use platform


The 40Authors network and the Internet observes as quality content populates

What people are saying...

We’ve already received so much encouragement and interest around the mission of 40Authors.

“We are excited to be partnering with 40Authors. The Church is in uncharted waters and we need new solutions and new collaborations for a new day.”
David Kinnaman, President, Barna Group

“This collaborative network is a real need we have right now.”
Tim Mackie, The Bible Project

Ready to be an active part of the next era of Christian history?

The world urgently needs Christian content brought up to speed on today’s technology. Be part of the solution.

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